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The New House

Why LRC Property Management

Most property management companies offer the same services. So, what makes us unique? The way we provide those services and the exceptional people who work here. That's what!

Legacy Rose Company takes pride in our performance. Our focus on excellence in service is a reflection of our commitment to a long-term relationship with all our clients. Whether your project is large or small you can count on exceptional, dependable service

We work hard and produce results to enhance our client’s investment. And while we realize that results are important, we understand that every client deserves the utmost in personal service

With over 20 years in the property management industry, we are well-versed in what is necessary to do property management the right way. The difference is in the approach. We are passionate about real estate; we believe real estate is a foundation to building wealth We will treat your real estate with the care and attention it deserves to reach your desired goal(s).

FEE Detail

Legacy Rose Company provides full-service property management for a percentage of all rental receipts collected each month. We collect rent at the beginning of the month, and we deduct our management fee when we send you the payment. Management fee discounts are available to property owners with multiple properties. The Monthly Management Fee is 9% of All Rent Collected on Long-term Rentals and 15% on Furnished Rentals (Airbnb, Mid-term Rentals)

Here are a few of the services included in the percentage you pay each month:

· 24-Hour emergency contact resource

· Legacy Rose Company staff to receive calls from tenants

· Professional representation as landlord

· Maintenance of security deposit trust account

· Proper handling and distribution of security deposit trust funds

· Monthly income/expense reports for property owners

· Proper accounting of maintenance expenses and records

· Scheduling, supervision, and accounting of work performed by maintenance staff

· Periodic property inspections throughout lease term

· Collection and distribution of rental proceeds

Leasing Fee 

We charge a leasing fee for vacant or occupied properties that need to be marketed for a new tenant. The leasing fee is 60% of the first month's rent; capped at $2,000. For example, if your property rents for $2,000/month, our leasing fee will be $1,200.

The leasing fee covers services such as:

· Professional and aggressive marketing of your property across dozens of industry-leading websites and other pay-service media outlets 

· Licensed real estate brokers showing your property.

· Rental Comparative Market Analysis 

· Processing criminal, credit, and eviction background checks on all applicants interested in your property.

· Showing service cost

· Pre-move in tenant inspection and documentation

· Weekly feedback showing reports

· Rent payment schedule with tenants

· Execution of lease agreements and other paperwork that protect landlord's interest

· Professional consultation with tenants to assure they understand all the aspects of the lease and policies regarding payment of rent.

· Professional signage and photography

Leasing fees are either paid out-of-pocket upfront or are deducted from the first month’s rent paid by the tenant. We charge 40% of the first month’s rent on lease renewals.

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