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Helping You Build a Legacy

One Property At A Time!

Meet Jannelle

Property Manager

Jannelle Hurst is a mom, entrepreneur, property manager, and your next business partner. After two decades of working for global clients in corporate America, she transitioned into entrepreneurship full-time. As she builds her legacy, she’s equally passionate about helping you build yours. 


Jannelle has a long history of working in the Property Management space. With 20 years combined in both residential and commercial office space management, she has all the requirements to help you expertly manage your real estate portfolio. 

Property Manager

What I Specialize In

Accountability Coaching

Short-term Rental/AirBnb Consulting

Short-term Rental Business Planning 

Setting S.M.A.R.T Goals

Personalized Strategic Planning

Image by Alexa Williams

Your journey towards consistently achieving results begins with an accountability coach.

“I LOVE working with Jannelle as my accountability partner. I've made reachable, consistent progress each week and look forward to continuing! Jannelle has the unique ability to offer the perfect amount of challenge to keep me progressing, while offering motivation and realistic goals.

- Krystal Renee

"Before working with Janelle, I had trouble seeing a project through, from start to finish. Her creative flow would help get me back on track, introducing new ideas and avenues and often supplying resources to complete the project. I am extremely happy and grateful for her ability and skills to get the job done!"

- Sharray Reed

Janelle has been absolutely amazing. She helps keep you on target and is very thorough in her assessment of helping you accomplish your goals. I love working with her and would recommend someone to use her services if looking for someone to help keep you encouraged, motivated, and consistent with your goals.

- Latrivia Quinn

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