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Top U.S. Cities for Millennials in 2023

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It takes more than affordable rent to keep today’s youth happy.

Many mistakenly believe that all it takes to keep a millennial happy is a stellar social scene, affordable spin classes, and bottomless brunches.

We can’t deny that today’s younger generation does seem to pick places to live that offer these types of opportunities but let’s give millennials a little credit- that’s not ALL that matters to them.

Young people nowadays prefer to ‘settle-down’ in towns with booming job markets, reasonable rent prices, quality public transport, and proximity to other thriving cities, among other things.

And so, where are these millennials currently flocking?

Arlington, Virginia

In 2016, Fortune Magazine named Arlington, Virginia the US city with the highest population of ‘wealthy millennials.’ For years, masses of millennials have been relocating to Arlington, and it seems like they’re on to something.

Arlington, located just a hop, skip and a jump from the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., provides both the job opportunities and social amenities that millennials are looking for. The city’s easy accessibility by public transport, top-notch public schools, thriving ‘foodie scene,’ melting-pot of cultural diversity and affordable housing prices make it an obvious go-to.

San Francisco, California

Why hello there San Francisco, #2 on Fortune Magazine’s before-mentioned list.

It’s no secret that San Fran has emerged as one of the nation’s leading tech hubs, attracting innovative entrepreneurs and ambitious millennials from around the world. Home to a very successful startup scene, there are endless opportunities for millennials in search of a prosperous future. Sure the city’s cost-of-living has recently been on the rise, but luckily the median salaries of the city follow suit.

This extremely accessible (& walkable) city, also boasts iconic landmarks, consistently pleasant temperatures, quality restaurants, and beautiful green spaces! Further, the city’s diverse neighborhoods and open-mind, open-arms spirit, make it a popular choice for millennial relocation.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge, little brother to the neighboring metropolis of Boston, is a dynamic and exciting city for today’s youth. Not only does it boast a pretty prosperous tech scene, but also allows access to some of the world’s most elite schools- cough, cough Harvard & MIT.

The only major downside of living in Cambridge? Your wallet will feel it. Still, millennials seem okay turning a blind eye to the city’s high cost of living in exchange for all it has to offer- including hip coffee shops, trendy shopping streets, and a bustling bar and restaurant scene!

Minneapolis & Saint Paul, Minnesota

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is another trending hotspot for millennials in the market for a move. Why? Well, it may have something to do with its variety of swanky coffee shops. May not be surprising, given Seattle is the birthplace of beloved coffee chains Starbucks and Tully’s. But thankfully, Seattle’s appeal goes way further than a noteworthy cup-of-joe.

Although often overshadowed by nearby tech center San Francisco, Seattle is home to several high-profile companies including giants, Microsoft and Amazon. You know what that means- plenty of exciting job opportunities for millennials.

Lovers of the great outdoors also find solace in Seattle. It’s easy to balance city life and outdoor recreation in this city with easy access to nearby Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens, close proximity to lush green forests, and many unscathed green spaces right inside the city limits.

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