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Legacy Rose Consultants bring decades of Property Management experience to the short-term rental industry. We have successfully worked with clients to improve occupancy and lower turnover, implement procedures to reduce costs and create greater efficiencies across their portfolio. As property owners, real estate investors & short-term rental hosts, the efficient management of your property has a direct correlation to the growth and success of your investment. Legacy Rose Company takes pride in helping you to maximize the yields and add value to your short-term rental portfolio. 


With a CEO that has worked with established organizations such as Hines, JLL, and Lincoln Harris, our 6-figure grossing company boasts 20 years of Property Management Experience and has been chosen by professionals worldwide. In the 4th quarter of 2021, Legacy Rose Company consulted with 10+ clients, helping them to successfully jumpstart their short-term businesses.

How We Can Help

What's the Investment?

We can help you with the following services:

  • Create & Setup Your Airbnb

  • Manage Your Airbnb/short-term rental

  • Understand Operational Efficiency

  • Improvement  projects  that  add  value

  • Financial Freedom through Real Estate

  • Property Management Goal Achieved

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