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Legacy Rose Company, LLC is a property management firm serving the Charlotte real estate market. We provide full-service property management service to property owners, landlords, and investors of all types. Whether you are new to the property management market or a seasoned investor, we can assist you with ALL aspects of property management from property purchase to day-to-day management operations.
Our focus on excellence in service is a reflection of our commitment to a long-term relationship with all of our clients. Whether your project is large or small you can count on exceptional, dependable service.

With over 20 years in the property management industry, we are well-versed in what is necessary to do property management the right way. The difference is in the approach. We are passionate about real estate; we believe real estate is a foundation for building wealth We will treat your real estate with the care and attention it deserves to reach your desired goal

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Your journey towards consistently achieving results begins with consulting a professional.

“I LOVE working with Jannelle as my accountability partner. I've made reachable, consistent progress each week and look forward to continuing! Jannelle has the unique ability to offer the perfect amount of challenge to keep me progressing, while offering motivation and realistic goals.

- Krystal Renee

"Before working with Janelle, I had trouble seeing a project through, from start to finish. Her creative flow would help get me back on track, introducing new ideas and avenues and often supplying resources to complete the project. I am extremely happy and grateful for her ability and skills to get the job done!"

- Sharray Reed

Janelle has been absolutely amazing. She helps keep you on target and is very thorough in her assessment of helping you accomplish your goals. I love working with her and would recommend someone to use her services if looking for someone to help keep you encouraged, motivated, and consistent with your goals.

- Latrivia Guinn

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